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DUROD Cello Endpin / EP-C300

DUROD Cello Endpin / EP-C300

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● Spike Type

EP-G10(Carbon + Brass rod)

=> The resonance of the cello is enhanced, making the core of its sound more distinct and its projection out standing.

The articulation of the cello is clear, ensuring that its sound is conveyed distinctly even in large concert halls.


EP-T10(Carbon + Titanium rod)

=> The cello's sound is clear and gives a stable impression, with the higher frequencies coming to life vibrantly.

EP-S10(Carbon + Steel rod)

=>The balance across all frequency ranges is good, and the sound's core and projection are excellent.


EP-GB10(Carbon + Brass tube)

=> The resonance of the cello is enhanced, and the sustain now lingers. It's comfortable to play, and the sound projects easily.


●Button Type



  * Condition : 100% Brand New

  * Metal : Button - Aluminium + ABS

                 Spike - Carbon Fiber + Brass Rod or Tube or Titanium or Steel Hybrid 

                  Pin - High hard steel + Tin Coated

  * Spike Length : 52.5cm / 62.5cm


  * Length from Cello body to rubber cap :


  * Weight : 


  * Origin : Made in Korea (all parts)

  * Package Included : 1 x Cello Endpin

  * DUROD Cello endpin provides a 4-fit adapter to enable fitting to various cello hole sizes.



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