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DUROD Cello stopper / ST-C100

DUROD Cello stopper / ST-C100

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- DUROD cello stopper has brass on the top part, enhancing the instrument's vibration and sustaining ability.

- Vibrations transmitted through the endpin are reflected back into the instrument, offering an amplification effect.

- A strap is also provided for use on slippery floors.

- If the rubber pad becomes dirty or dusty, it's recommended to wipe it with a wet tissue or detach the rubber and wash it with water.

● Specification
* Condition : 100% Brand New
* Material : ABS+ Brass
* Color : As the Picture Show
* Dimension : 80 mm * 17mm(H)
* Weight : Approx. 100 grams
* Origin : Made in Korea 

* Package Included : 1 x Cello Stopper

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