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DUROD Violin Endpin / EP-V100

DUROD Violin Endpin / EP-V100

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- It produces a rich volume with a clear tone and a focused sound.

- Inside the endpin, there are three types of metals inserted : brass(G), titanium(T), and steel(S).

- V100/G(brass) enhances the low frequency range,

   V100/T(titanium) improves the high frequency range,

   and V100/S(steel) boosts the balance across all frequency ranges.

- The diameter is 9.0mm. Please adjust the size using the Peg Shaver and Endpin Clamp.


● Specification
* Condition : 100% Brand New
* Material : Polycabornate+ Brass Hybrid
* Color : As the Picture Show
* Dimension : Ø9 * 26.2mm
* Weight : Approx. 12 grams
* Origin : Made in Korea 

* Package Included : 1 x Violin Endpin

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